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The Canadian Business Journal
out and put a table in all the rooms on a given
floor of the hotel. Every shareholder distributor
gets 20 minutes. They go into every meet-
ing room and discuss the opportunities with
that vendor. It could be a new product line,
an ongoing maintenance issue or updates on
new programs or applications. From a vendor’s
perspective, we’ve got over 150 stores across
Canada, and for them to call on all of their loca-
tions is very expensive. If you can get the bulk of
those distributors together and have a chance
to meet with them all, it’s a massive cost savings
and a benefit to both the vendor as well as to our
Buy & Sell is a two-day event. On the sec-
ond day, Bestbuy organizes a golf tournament
or a local tour of wherever the event is held. The
proceeds raised during that activity go to the
Toronto SickKids Hospital, an organization to
which Bestbuy has donated over $650,000.
The February AGM, which is always held
near Pearson International Airport, in Toronto,
provides an opportunity for members and man-
agement to sit down together to review the
previous fiscal year’s financials, the sales and
marketing initiatives, product line changes and
operational upgrades. Bestbuy also invites key-
note speakers to discuss the economy and
overall market. During an evening gala din-
ner, a vendor of the year or individual who has
given Bestbuy exceptional service is recognized
with the Horace J. Pratt award, and long-time
members are also awarded for their service. The
dinner ends with a presentation and donation
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