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The Canadian Business Journal
VandeSande likens the necessity of car
repairs to trips to the dentist:
“When you go to the dentist, the best way
to avoid cavities is preventive maintenance:
brush and floss everyday and get cleanings on
a regular basis. Taking care of a vehicle is not
that different in the sense that the better you
care for it, the longer it will last. Repairing a
vehicle has always been a grudge purchase. But
although it may cost more in the short term,
you’re not undertaking large, costly repairs or
buying a new car every couple of years, and it
will save you in the long term” he says.
Whether it’s with their member owners,
vendors, the organizations they support or the
end consumers, Bestbuy Distributors continues
to demonstrate their service commitment to the
“The business that we’re in is very personal.
People buy from people. It’s not just about price
or brand. People deal with the distributor that
they like to deal with, who services them as best
as they can. We’re very focused because each
of our distributors is independent. There’s no
obligation for them to buy from Bestbuy, and
we have to earn every penny of business we get
from them. We’re very customer-service oriented
when it comes to dealing with the aftermarket,”
says VandeSande.
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