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Bestbuy Distributors
Bestbuy Distributors is a member-
owned auto parts distribution
company that services the
automotive aftermarket. Their main
warehouses are in Mississauga,
Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.
Bestbuy Distributors’ unique business
model, in which profits to go back
to the shareholder members, is
different from their public company
competitors and allows for greater
buying power than if their individual
members were to go it alone.
numbers,” explains
President Jeff VandeSande. “We’re stronger
together than individually. We’re able to pull the
purchases together from our various different
shareholders and are able to negotiate the best
possible program for them and provide the best
branded product. It’s not just about price. It’s also
about supply, delivery, the brands that the con-
sumer is looking for and the latest applications
out there. Because we have this buying power
and these warehouses to store the inventory, we
are able to negotiate some pretty good deals for
our members.”
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