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Bestbuy Distributors
The Canadian Business Journal
Bestbuy Distributors in December 2012, but
much has changed with the company since then.
Expansion and Growth
The automotive industry experiences a signifi-
cant amount of parts proliferation.
“Essentially that means that every year there
are more cars, which need different parts. Car
parts are like bunny rabbits: they just keep pro-
liferating. We add into our inventory an average
of about a hundred new part numbers a week.
We are not able to remove the same amount of
obsolete parts, so you end up getting substan-
tially growing inventories, which is an issue that
plagues our industry,” remarks VandeSande.
To address this issue, Bestbuy Distributors
ensures that they always have the right parts on
the shelf for when shareholders need them.
“Our building in Mississauga had over 70,000
square feet of warehouse space. About two
years ago we started a project to expand this
facility, which just completed this year. We added
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