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Bestbuy Distributors
another 35,000 square feet. We also expanded
our freestanding catwalk system by another
25,000 square feet,” VandeSande says.
Bestbuy Distributors is also constantly receiv-
ing new line opportunities. Often, when vendors
carry a line of auto parts that starts selling more
and more in the field, the demand starts to grow
and after a certain point the products need to be
stocked in inventory in the Distribution Centres.
“We were getting to a point about two years
ago where there were several line opportunities,
but we frankly just didn’t have the space! A good
example is with exhaust products. This year, we’ve
added exhaust products into the distribution
centre. We’ve also added several other products,
including coated rotors, and mid-grade friction;
some of the stuff that was being sold in the field
that we didn’t have space for before. Now we’re
able to service both our members as well as our
outside warehouse account customers much bet-
ter because of the expansion we’ve undertaken,”
VandeSande tells us.
In addition to expanding their warehouse
facility, Bestbuy has also expanded the range of
programs that they offer to their shareholders,
which include (but are not limited to) market-
ing programs, training programs, and sales tools,
including a commodity catalogue for non-applica-
tion parts, which the company launched last year.
“How auto parts distribution works in the
aftermarket is that there’s massive online cata-
logues that are attached to the management
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