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The Canadian Business Journal
is having a dedicated post-secondary education
transfer to the provinces, like we have for health,”
Vose explains. “Right now, each province gets to
decide what chunk of the provincial transfer they
are going to earmark for university education and
all other infrastructure they are responsible for,
but health has a dedicated envelope. We believe
that would really help universities to set stable
funding goals.”
The CAUT also lobbies for federal research
funding. There are three such funding agen-
cies that funnel monies into individual research
projects or collaborative university projects.
Unfortunately, its upkeep has waned and has in
fact been in decline for the past several years.
“We have to get away from targeting research
money towards corporate partnerships,” Vose
states. “There is a place for that as long as it’s
transparent and fair but we are really concerned
that should not become the norm. We still need
basic research that gives us scientific innovation.”
There is a level of frustration from the aca-
demic community in that even when funds are
made available for research, there is too much
outside interference on how the money should
be spent. Vose would like nothing better than to
have the experts determine where the funding
would be used most efficiently and appropriately.
Future Plans
Despite a number of hurdles and roadblocks
along the way, Vose feels extremely proud
about the excellent work and achievements
being made at the CAUT and is optimistic that
the association is making excellent strides and
provides a positive influence within the industry.
The big push right now is the ‘Get Science Right’
campaign which sends a direct message to the
public and the politicians advocating that best
practices be incorporated to benefit all of soci-
ety as opposed to merely finding superior ways
for corporations to maximize their bottom line.
It’s about funding basic curiosity-driven, peer-
reviewed research.
“Sometimes that research fails to generate
profits but in the aggregate it pushes science
forward and that benefits everybody,” Vose says.
“’Get Science Right’ has been a big focus for us
and I’m very proud of it. It’s led to us partnering
with other associations for public scientists who
work for the federal government and it’s given
us a certain amount of media coverage because
people care about science.”
Vose is also exceptionally proud of the efforts
that have been made to fight for the rights of
contract academic staff – people who don’t
have full-time, permanent employment— but he
admits there is still a long way to go.
“I’m proud of our efforts, but I can’t say I’m
proud of all our results so far,” he candidly states.
“We continue to fight for fairness for all faculty
members but it’s a really steep road to go up.
The CAUT also boasts an impressive inter-
national presence. For the first time in history,
Education International‘s World Congress met
in Canada this past July. This is an organization
that represents teachers from pre-kindergarten
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