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The Canadian Business Journal
constructively criticize an educational institution
and the right to participate in its governance.
The Canadian Business Journal
recently spoke
with the current CAUT President Robin Vose, who
is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick where
he works in the History department at St Thomas
University. A president’s term is for one year with
elections being held at Spring Council at the end
of April. There is a term limit of three years that
any one person can hold the position.
The CAUT is a voluntary association so it’s
really a matter of who wants to join. However,
certain criteria must be met regarding accep-
tance for membership. The CAUT only grants
acceptance to associations that adhere to a
democratic constitution, and are not controlled
by the employer. Member associations also must
have provisions stipulating that they are genuinely
committed to the principles of academic freedom.
“We do not allow membership from an asso-
ciation that would require, for example, a faith test
or an ideological test of its membership,” Vose
explains. “There are religious colleges that ask for a
faith test of their professors, which is the employer
imposing that. We would still allow the association
in if they believe they should have academic free-
dom, and are committed to striving for it.”
In the early 1950s, when the CAUT was
still in its fledgling formative years, a profes-
sor’s position was very highly regarded by the
general public and viewed as being quite gentle-
manly. While there was a desire on behalf of
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