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various support staff, including part-time faculty
employees. The relationship with Quebec is an
interesting and historical one. Since the 1980s,
some Francophone universities in Quebec
chose to have their own independent national
“We work very closely with all our faculty
allies in Quebec, both those who are mem-
bers of CAUT (such as Laval) and those who are
members of our sister organizations such as
FQPPU and FNEEQ,” Vose tells us.
It is the direction of the full council that
decides all corporate policy with each organi-
zation having the right to send representatives
to the CAUT council, which meets twice a year.
The council takes votes on matters of policy,
which are then upheld by the executive team.
Between two annual meetings, Vose and the
rest of the elected executive members congre-
gate at least five times in Ottawa in addition to
sharing ongoing telephone and email commu-
nication. The vast majority of the day-to-day
work is conducted by staff members in Ottawa,
including research for campaigns and develop-
ing media information, which is overseen by the
executive branch. They will also provide feed-
back and direction within the confines of the
policy statement. One of the major concerns
right now focuses on fair compensation and a
level of job security.
“This is a huge concern for us right now
because there is a real push on to eliminate or
cut back on tenure track full-time time jobs and
to replace professors with part-time or contract
staff who are poorly paid and who have no per-
manency, so they can be terminated from one
semester to the next,” Vose says.
Funding and Governance
Research funding is another critical area that allows
professors to properly carry out the tasks they were
hired to execute. It includes the need for access to
proper facilities, including lab space and access to
computers. Research and teaching also has to be
free of restrictions, and peer evaluated as opposed
to being determined by an outside force.
“We’re very much against corporations
or governments tying research funding to an
expected outcome,” Vose declares.
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