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The Canadian Business Journal
university and life beyond. The success has been
so overwhelming that these schools regularly
turn candidates away.
Meeting this growing demand and improv-
ing program access in the central core of the city
has been acknowledged by trustees and staff as
a priority. Last year, St Mary’s Catholic Secondary
School in the heart of one of the most diverse
areas adjacent to downtown Toronto was
granted IB status. Ongoing expansion of these
types of high-demand specialty programs will be
embarked upon where financing permits.
“There is also an interest amongst our trust-
ees and within the community to expand our
French immersion programs. We have a num-
ber of schools that offer Advanced Placement
(AP) courses, which are all highly populated,”
Gauthier says. “I’ve always been a big supporter
of experiential learning which gives our students
exposure to practical experience while explor-
ing new pathways.”
Corporate Governance
In order to achieve maximized success in the
private sector, the development of effective
corporate governance is absolutely essential.
Governance structures and principles identify the
distribution of rights and responsibilities amongst
the various contributors. It is an area that Gauthier
believes must be drastically improved upon to
take public education to an even greater level.
“We have struggled with governance in the
past,” she candidly admits. “Education governance
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