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The Canadian Business Journal
spoke with Angela Gauthier, who was named the
Director of Education at the Toronto Catholic
District School Board in August, 2013. Prior to
her appointment, Gauthier served as the TCDSB’s
Associate Director of Academic Affairs for over
five years beginning in 2008. During her two
years as the Director Education of one of the
country’s largest school boards, she has focused
on the Board’s 21st Century Learning strategy
and improved access to technology for both stu-
dents and teachers.
“Our end goal is to provide the best learning
experience possible for our students,” Gauthier
begins. “The most important relationship is the
one-to-one connection between the student
and the teacher, and to that end we also keep
the lines of communication open with parents.
As much as we serve the student, it’s the parent
who is truly the client; they speak on behalf of
the students – and they are the stakeholders.”
Gauthier staunchly believes it is essential for
parents to know exactly what is transpiring with
their child’s education and to understand that
there is always an open door of communication,
from the frontline office staff and teachers at the
local school level, to the principal – right up to
the executive office, should that be necessary.
As a Catholic school system, this core phi-
losophy is extended to all partners of the TCDSB,
including parishes and members of the community.
Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the
TCDSB is embarking on a three-year pastoral
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