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plan that focuses on harmonizing the different
strengths of the school board by bringing
together three key community elements: the
family, the school and the parish.
“We are celebrating that harmony among
the three partners with our pastoral plan and
recognizing that our success depends on that
bond—speaking together with one voice,” says
Gauthier. “At the crux of it all is the quality of
teaching within the classrooms as a key driver of
student success.”
“We make sure that we provide the best
professional development possible for our
teachers,” Gauthier emphasizes. “We’re moving
both out of necessity and philosophy away from
a heavily centralized model to a more decen-
tralized model where the teacher, the principal
and the local superintendent are in a position to
determine what the teacher needs from the per-
spective of professional development.”
In what is a dedicated agenda to provide
the best educational experience for all of its
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