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students, the TCDSB always aims to custom-
ize its efforts towards the specific needs and
requirements of each localized community. This
can be a challenge in a large city of close to 3
million people, with diverse regional, economic,
cultural and language needs to operate a uni-
fied school system that provides a high level of
essential services to all jurisdictions.
“We work hard to ensure that every child can
build a good relationship with their teacher, their
social worker, educational assistant or their child
youth support worker,” she says.
Gauthier has spent most of her life within
the board she now leads: first as a student, then
as a teacher and later in various executive roles.
Arriving to the Board as an immigrant student
who didn’t speak English, she understands the
importance of providing supports and services
for newcomers.
This immigrant experience has shaped her
perspective as the Director of Education at the
TCDSB, in terms of how leaders can make a dif-
ference in the lives of people they lead. Gauthier
is currently sharpening this concept of “servant
leadership” through her reading of a recently
published inspirational book about Pope Francis
called Why He Leads the Way He Leads. It has
provided her with a great deal of motivation and
food for thought as she carries out her duties.
“It’s a perfect fit with what I believe is a good
style of leadership,” she reflects. “It speaks about
a servant type of leadership, ensuring that it’s not
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