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about the power or authority but about the service
you want to provide to the organization. It’s not a
leadership that is embodied by any one person; it’s
a leadership that’s shared and spread through all
levels of the organization. We are all leaders. We
are just doing it from different positions.”
21st Century Learning
and Specialty Academic
It is often said that the workplace of tomor-
row will quite likely be vastly different than
what it is today. The Toronto Catholic District
School Board is well aware of the ever-changing
dynamics in daily life and is providing swift action
and immediate responsibility for addressing the
business needs of the future through the educa-
tion of their students.
“We’ve created a department called 21st
Century Learning,” Gauthier reveals. “It’s a tem-
porary department until we are satisfied that the
awareness around the skills for the 21st century
are really widely spread across the system and
fully integrated at all levels of learning.”
The primary focus of the 21st Century Learning
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