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contractors who are unable to afford outright
purchasing themselves.
“Our biggest success has been reaction and
control of the process for our customers,” Straus
says. “Oftentimes what we do, as we grow, is we
find areas where we’re using a lot of sub-con-
tractors and then that will be an area of growth
for us in the future.”
While Trade-Mark has forged a strong pres-
ence in industrial, commercial and institutional,
it is still the industrial sector that by far leads the
way in terms of work projects.
“I would say 80% of our work for Trade-
Mark is industrial and about 75% of our overall
work is done within two hours of Cambridge,”
Straus says. That expansive geographic region
represents a huge catchment area where millions
of people work and live including the Greater
Toronto-Hamilton Area, London and Guelph.
Health and Safety
Trade-Mark holds health and safety practices to
the highest degree, which is crucial for this type
of industry. Straus emphasizes that bona fide
safety protocol begins with senior management,
and as such the top-down mentality cultivates
uniformity among employees at all levels and is
at the forefront of daily operations.
“Safety is definitely as important as anything
else in our company,” Straus emphasizes. “We
have three full-time dedicated safety people who
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