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Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.
success and continuous growth.
“He (Russ) started the company with key
three employees and it’s grown from there,”
Straus begins. “My three brothers are all trades-
people; two are millwrights, like my dad, and
one is an electrician. My sister does a lot of the
administration work along with my mom.”
New Headquarters
Trade-Mark had been operating out of Kitchener
since its inception in 1998 but moved into a much
larger 365,000 square-foot facility in Cambridge
about a year and a half ago. In the beginning the
company had a single building and occupied
about one-third of it while renting out the other
two thirds. But as the business grew there was
not only a need to occupy that entire building but
also to acquire neighbouring properties in order
to accommodate the explosive corporate growth.
By early 2014, Trade-Mark had expanded to six
different properties operating out of five different
buildings in Kitchener and again was bursting
at the seams when yet another neighbouring
building came up for sale.
“We were looking at the small neighbouring
property and it was my brother who asked ‘does
it make sense anymore? ‘Do we continue to do
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