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Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.
this or do we move into a larger facility that can
accommodate all of our service offerings and
groups under one roof? We started casually
looking for places and it all came together in
June, 2014. It was late fall in the 2014 when
we moved in after doing some fairly extensive
renovations,” Straus says.
The sheet metal shop, mechanics’ bay and
warehouse capabilities are examples of some
of the areas that required more expansive
workspaces, which the new building is able to
accommodate. There is also the benefit of being
able to store more equipment in a large building,
which reduces maintenance and storage costs.
As a union contractor the number of
employees working for Trade-Mark can fluc-
tuate but as of now it’s between 650 and 700
people across five different companies. Core
services include: millwrighting and rigging, pip-
ing and mechanical, electrical, sheet metal and
HVAC, building services, custom machining,
electric motor-shop and pump sales and service
and specialized transportation. The company
also rents out its own equipment to a variety of
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