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WGI Westman Group Inc.
factories that do a lot of roll forming of steel
and robotic welding. In Cambridge, Ontario the
company has a very large facility where three of
the largest manufactured robots are handling
sheet steel plates to produce multi-plate culverts
used for bridges and underpasses. The company
employs an innovation expert, who is the former IT
manager. He is the one spearheading the robotics
and new methodologies for conducting business.
Health and Safety
A sizable quantity of time and effort is devoted
to ensuring the health and safety of every
single employee with an entire department
dedicated to that very aspect. Many of the
company’s locations are used for training for
the safety inspectors of the various provinces.
“Each time I speak to an employee group
the first thing I talk about is safety and one of
the beautiful things about the Edwards family is
they don’t need the money. If we need to put
additional money towards safety, we can do it.
“We don’t make our money
off our employees; we
make our money with our
– Paul Cunningham,
President & CEO, WGI Westman
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