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WGI Westman Group Inc.
It makes no sense for us to cut a corner to risk
someone’s safety. We don’t make our money
off our employees; we make our money with
our employees,” Cunningham emphasizes.
During busy times in the oil and gas indus-
try, WGI Westman has been known to bring in
foreign workers from other countries to work
in the factories. Some of those people arrive in
Canada unable to speak English. The company,
along with participating local governments, has
incorporated schooling whereby they are taught
English as a second language.
Each of the four main divisions within the
WGI Westman group of companies has a vice
president or senior vice president in charge of
daily operations, with those individuals reporting
directly to Cunningham.
“Within all our companies we have 17 engi-
neers, 29 certified engineering technicians (CETs)
and 11 chartered accountants who are CPAs,”
Edwards reveals. “Accountants are heading the
company with one exception, where Behlen is
run by an engineer.”
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