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The Canadian Business Journal
options. A basic rule of thumb is that if their
competition hates them, but their employees
love them and the customers continue to sup-
port them, it’s the type of partnership Reid will
almost assuredly want to further pursue.
“In many ways it’s just good old-fashioned
business basics,” he says.
A marquee portfolio company Reid and
his associates provided assistance to and part-
nered with is Dominion Lending Centres, whose
top four employees have been with them dur-
ing the entire 10 years of growing the business.
Dominion Lending Centres started from one
franchise location and blossomed to 650 loca-
tions in that first decade.
“The Canadian Franchise Association says
if 95% of a company’s franchisees are in the
black then the enterprise is considered to
be healthy. Dominion Lending Centres is at
99.9%,” reveals Reid.
As part of the initial agreement, FA Capital
acquired 60% of Dominion Lending Centres, but
the same management team continues to run
the business on a day-to-day basis.
“Everything moving forward, they will take
70% and we’ll take 30%. It’s a win-win for both,”
says Reid.
“You either want a fast buck or
a long buck – and Founders is
definitely the latter.”
– Stephen Reid
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