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We’ve sponsored to build wells in Malawi. We also
have a social justice fund and an international soli-
darity fund,” reveals Thomas.
We Own It!
We Own It! is an ambitious community organiz-
ing campaign meant to push all political parties
to abandon privatization altogether. Unlike other
campaigns the union has mounted, We Own It!
is designed around the idea that individual, face-
to-face conversations are the most effective way
to garner strong and long-lasting public support.
An exceptionally active research depart-
ment at OPSEU has led to the determination
that privatization is not in the best interests of
Ontarians. On November 14 the organization
officially launched the We Own It! campaign,
which essentially says that public services should
be for people, not profit.
“I’m not opposed to the private sector mak-
ing money, but I am opposed to public services
being cannibalized so the private sector can
make money,” remarks Thomas. “The biggest
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