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Founded upon the origins of the Civil
Service Association of Ontario 105
years ago, the Ontario Public Service
Employees Union (OPSEU) was
established in 1975 and represents
about 130,000 members with more
than 500 bargaining units throughout
Canada’s most populous province.
OPSEU is affiliated with the Canadian
Labour Congress (CLC) and National
Union of Public and General
Employees (NUPGE).
has served as
president of the union since 2007 following the
retirement of Leah Casselman. At the age of 64,
Thomas has committed to running for one final
two-year term in 2017.
The Canadian Business Journal
had the opportunity to speak with Thomas, an
outgoing, friendly individual who clearly holds
a tremendous amount of passion for the work
he does. The ascension of his career can be
traced back to 1970 when he applied for a job
at the former Ontario Hospital – Kingston. He
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