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Thomas’s plan to assemble the most intelligent,
robust management team possible. Among
other things he is credited with spearheading the
revamping efforts of the organization’s internal
structures, such as IT, websites, and having the
union become more engaged in social media
platforms as a means of communicating core
messages out to a much wider audience.
“I want people who are smarter than me
and I want people who will tell me what I need
to hear – not what I want to hear. The manage-
ment team I have today is second to none. The
21 board members were all elected. We’ve had
some good boards in my time, but this one is
exceptionally good,” he says.
While Thomas is elected at conventions to
represent OPSEU’s membership he is also in fact
the organization’s chief executive.
“My management style is to always be fair,
firm and friendly. That’s what you want in a
manager,” he says. “I’ve always been the kind of
person to offer help first. I truly believe the disci-
pline isn’t to punish, but rather to correct.”
In addition to his leadership role at OPSEU,
Thomas also serves as a keynote speaker at
Queen’s University in Kingston four or five times
per year where he discusses mediation and arbi-
tration, following the lead of a legendary man
in this domain named Warren Winkler. Thomas
speaks at other colleges and grade schools, time
permitting. He also has the impressive distinc-
tion of being the only labour leader to have ever
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