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factory space for between $3 and $10 per
square foot?”
“The price of real estate here is extraordinarily
attractive,” Worrall adds.
Business Retention and Expansion is at the cor-
nerstone of an effective economic development
strategy. Achieving results in assisting an existing
employer to access new markets and to expand, is
more effective and predictable than attracting new
investment to the community. Chatham-Kent has
shown tremendous resiliency in bouncing back by
essentially cutting its unemployment rate in half
from 15.7% during the global economic downtown
in 2008 to 7.9% at the end of 2015.
“Our tax rates are very competitive and
we have the lowest water rates in Ontario,”
Burton says.
Small Business Centre
The Small Business Centre provides a number
of critical services to entrepreneurs, whether
they are currently operating or are prospective
business owners. Planning services, market-
ing advice and professional consulting services
on business planning, cash flow and financial
management are just some of the ways in which
the Small Business Centre is able to assist in the
development and advancement of commerce
opportunities within Chatham-Kent.
“They also do follow-ups with the businesses
in about six to eight months to see how things
are going and how they might be able to provide
advice on tweaking their approach,” Burton says.
“It’s partially funded by the province and partially
funded by us and is a rather critical element for
Michael Burton,
Director, Economic Development Services
Brian Worrall,
Communications Officer
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