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The Canadian Business Journal
established companies based in the U.S., China,
South Korea, India and parts of Europe.
“There has been about $195 million in new
capital investment in buildings and equipment
in the past year and that is creating a significant
growth in the number of jobs available in the
community,” Burton says.
“All we ask is a chance to demonstrate who
we are,” Mayor Hope adds. “The business and
community savvy that we have and the leader-
ship we provide is the best.”
Chatham-Kent is guided by strong, effective
leadership, which is essential to attain and retain
economic growth. Randy Hope has been the
mayor for nine years. In addition to his political
savvy he has tremendous background experi-
ence in business. Burton is a seasoned veteran
who has worked in economic development in a
number of communities, but says Chatham-Kent
is by far the most aggressive in terms of deliver-
ing and backing up its promises when it comes
to new and existing investments, and he gives a
lion’s share of the credit to the leadership shown
by Mayor Hope.
“He’s the most involved, most determined
and most aggressive mayor when it comes to
delivering on promises made to new investors,”
Burton states. “That’s an acknowledgment we’ve
gotten from several ministers at the provincial
level and from investors as well. We take great
pride in that kind of reputation.”
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