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Nestled in the heart of
Southwestern Ontario is a
charming rural community, which
is becoming increasingly known
for its broadening diversity of
business activity. Chatham-Kent,
with a population of 104,000,
is located just northeast of the
Windsor-Detroit international
border. Incorporated in 1998,
through the amalgamation of 22
former municipalities, it is easily
accessible from Highway 401, with
competitive land costs that make it
an extremely attractive destination
for commerce.
were originally
appointed by John Graves Simcoe, Lieutenant-
Governor of Upper Canada in the late 1700s,
in honour of the Earl of Chatham, William Pitt
the Younger and the county of Kent, England.
Lumbering was the first successful industry in
Kent County, and once the terra firma was cleared
Chatham was then developed as a marketing cen-
tre for the surrounding rich agricultural land.
From those early settlement days to today,
the agricultural sector has been the most domi-
nant and stable of all industries and has served
the local economy exceptionally well. More than
70 different crops are grown within the com-
munity that consists of 2,000-square kilometres
of prime agricultural land, which is very flat and
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