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The Canadian Business Journal
properly irrigated with all the requirements for
a successful yield. Much of the product grown
is available for fresh market opportunities on an
international scale.
The Canadian Business Journal r
spoke with Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy
Hope, Director of Economic Development,
Michael Burton and Communications Officer,
Community Development, Brian Worrall about
the many burgeoning business opportunities
within the municipality, and of course the always
reliable agricultural sector.
“It’s more than a $3 billion industry in
Chatham-Kent. Our crops are not grown in a
lot of other places in Ontario or even the United
States,” Mayor Hope reveals.
Ontario’s agri-food businesses export to 168
countries around the world including the United
States. Asia and Europe are also premier desti-
nations. According to figures from the Ontario
government, every $10 million increase in agricul-
tural exports creates 127 new jobs in the province.
In conjunction with farming are a number of
parallel business sectors that are being focused
upon by the economic development team,
including food processing and manufacturing,
which can obviously be assimilated as a direct
value-added proposition for the robust agricul-
tural foundation.
“We are also focused on an ag-related
product area with chemicals, both biofuel and
fertilizers. We are expanding in transportation,
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