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The Canadian Business Journal
radius, it adds a lot of flexibility to the opportuni-
ties around education,” Burton adds.
Attracting Commerce
Chatham-Kent spans a large geographic area,
and in fact is the largest municipality by area
in Southwestern Ontario and the 12th-largest
in Canada. Super connectivity is important for
the region via highway, rail and water, all of
which lead to direct access to the United States.
Chatham-Kent already serves as the head-
quarters of Union Gas, a natural gas utility and
Spectra Energy company.
For domestic and Foreign Direct Investment
(FDI), Chatham-Kent has key assets including
location; abundant natural gas, a trading hub;
serviced industrial land; a competitive and expe-
rienced workforce; ready access to the U.S.
market; an established advanced-manufacturing
supply-chain; key logistics options; and competi-
tive corporate tax rates. A unique aspect about
Chatham-Kent is that it has just one tier of gov-
ernment, which positively impacts on its ability
to attract investors. There is one mayor and 17
councillors representing 2,400-square kilometres
of land from shore to shore.
A section of the municipality called
Community Attraction and Promotion works
to make the opportunities known to potential
residents of Chatham-Kent, or for people
who left in their youth and are looking for an
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