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opportunity to come back. These people include
young people, immigrants and active retirees.
Community Attraction and Promotion assists the
mayor’s office and council by communicating
the message to the public through mass media.
“Aptly one of the programs is called Welcome
Back to Chatham-Kent,” Worrall mentions. “It’s an
outreach program that makes contact with people
who are looking for opportunities in a community
of Chatham-Kent’s profile. There are a number of
outreaches by that section of the municipality.”
There is also something known as the
Chatham-Kent Community Leaders’ Cabinet where
the private sector, community groups and govern-
ment agencies get together to work on a strategic
focus on how to grow Chatham-Kent and be viable
and also reduce costs while at the same time pro-
vide the highest quality of life for citizens within the
municipality. In the spirit of working together, the
CKCLC has established a number of partnerships
with community groups.
Mayor Hope breaks down the development
of the municipality into two key, fundamental
areas: business and social. He notes how impor-
tant the reliable and credible workforce is within
the community and as such there is a strong
commitment from the Mayor’s office, council
and the Economic Development department to
drive that unlimited potential for success.
“When you come into our community we
don’t forget about you,” he says. “We are a green
community. We are looking future reliability and
sustainability of energy costs and we are on the
forefront of dealing with that.”
A new enterprise can be unveiled in any one
of the Chatham-Kent’s communities, which
are all within a 20-minute radius. There is the
option of living near the lake, a small town or
one of the larger populated centres. It’s the
chance to be successful in business without the
hustle and bustle of the rat race of a large city.
“Quality of life is important to foreign inves-
tors because they want to know how they’re
being greeted and treated in the community.
There are no traffic jams, and the cost of hous-
ing is so much cheaper than other regions, but
the standard of housing is superb. It’s about
living the dream without breaking the bank,”
Mayor Hope says. “Where can you get office
space between $10- $18 per square foot or
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