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Canadian Football League
create a broader fan experience for families,”
Orridge mentions. “We continue to put fans first.
It’s got all the elements of just a great day, and
great new season and era for the Argos and I
think it also represents a new era for the CFL.”
All nine teams are either now playing in new
facilities or ones that have had considerable
upgrades. The new Mosaic Stadium in Regina is
still being constructed but should be ready for
the Saskatchewan Roughriders to inhabit by July
of next year. It will house 33,000 fans and come
with 38 corporate executive suites. Investors
Group Field in Winnipeg opened three years ago
and has a seating capacity of 33,500 and 33 cor-
porate executive suites for Blue Bombers’ games.
B.C Place Stadium in Vancouver underwent major
renovations between 2009 and 2011, includ-
ing a brand new roof. It has a seating capacity of
54,500 for the Lions along with 50 private suites.
Commonwealth Stadium has been home to the
Eskimos since being built for the Commonwealth
Games in 1978. It most recently had major reno-
vations and has a seating capacity of 56,300.
McMahon Stadium in Calgary is somewhat older,
but has had recent renovations and has a seating
capacity of 35,400 for Stampeders’ fans.
In the east, Hamilton is now playing out of
Tim Horton’s Field, which was originally built
for the 2015 Pan Am Games and has a capac-
ity of 24,000 for the rowdy ‘Oskee Wee Wee’
Tiger-Cats’ fans. The fortunes of the Montreal
Alouettes did a complete 180-degree turn for
McMahon Stadium in Calgary, home of the Stampeders.
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