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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
investment by the Toronto Transit Commission
(TTC) and Metrolinx, which serves the broader
metropolitan area. While Toronto is clearly
a priority, Halinaty is quick to point out that
opportunities abound in other regions as well,
including a bevy of activity in Quebec, and
particularly Montreal. Thales also has a long, suc-
cessful history in working with TransLink in British
Columbia and its SkyTrain network.
It is the large urban centres that are the
primary focus of Thales for the straightforward
reason that they have the most sizable popula-
tion centres and transit infrastructures, such
as those in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
However, Halinaty says there are optimistic signs
of public transit expansion sprouting up in other
burgeoning urban centres such as Calgary and
Edmonton as well.
“We’re looking to take these opportunities far
beyond Ontario and beyond Canada,” he says.
Depending on the requirements of a specific
transit system, many of the core technologies
are often transferable from one to another with
modifications to suit each particular system. In
Ontario, Halinaty says the final product will be
very much an evolution of those other interna-
tional systems.
“In its core, it has a commonality with those
other systems but what we are always doing is
introducing newer technologies and that will
also allow the scope of what’s provided to be
broadened into other areas beyond what is just a
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