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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
developed by Thales, the core systems have all
been designed so that the ones already deployed in
the field are able to also benefit from the upgrades
through integration. It’s a way of proving to the
clients that they are always front and centre, even
those with systems already deployed.
“That’s always been part of our strategy,”
Halinaty confirms. “Our product-line manage-
ment philosophy is that we’re not always just
looking forward, but keeping in mind our existing
customer base. We want to be able to take these
new features and have a pathway for existing
customers to be able to take advantage of them.”
Thales takes a stance of being a big propo-
nent of using customer feedback to determine
what areas need to be focused on in the future.
Seaspan Contract
In late March it was announced that Thales
Canada signed a $35 million contract with
Seaspan’s Vancouver shipyards.
“When we talked more than a year ago I
indicated that the naval domain was one of our
pathways to growth. This announcement is the
embodiment of that journey we are on in grow-
ing our naval business,” Halinaty explains.
Thales is partnered with Seaspan for what
is described as the non-combatant part of the
national shipbuilding strategy. The first vessel
that is really progressing is the Offshore Fisheries
and Science Vessel (OFSV). The contract that
was announced was to build three of those ves-
sels with Seaspan where Thales will serve as the
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