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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
system integrator, bringing together a number of
components from different suppliers and making
them all work together in harmony.
Thales has also just recently opened an inte-
gration lab in Ottawa where they will have the
full system for the bridge of that OFSV ship set
up to do all of the necessary in-house accep-
tance testing prior to sending that out to the
west coast to be integrated into the vessel. It’s
a very significant factor in terms of moving the
agenda forward in a timely fashion.
“Opening that lab in Ottawa and hiring peo-
ple on the west coast is in anticipation of the
next phase when we move the work out there.
It’s all part of the overall naval journey because at
the same time we’re doing some early contracts
on the next Coast Guard vessel which is the OSV.
It’s a slightly different mission than the first ves-
sel and as well on the joint support ship for the
navy,” Halinaty says.
The Canadian Surface Combatant Program,
which is replacing all of the frigates, has yet to
be tendered by the Crown but is a project that
would most definitely assimilate perfectly with
the skillsets repeatedly proven by Thales Canada.
“That’s not in our sights for the future but our
journey is progressing very well right now with
the Coast Guard and the Joint Support Ship,”
Halinaty says.
The National Shipbuilding strategy is a 30-year
program from the government to renew the Coast
Guard and naval fleets in a structured manner to
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