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Thales Canada Inc.
the products. It impacts regulations, culture and
education to a magnitude far greater than we’ve
experienced in the past 50 years,” Usal adds.
It’s estimated that the level of world knowl-
edge doubles every 12 hours. A decade ago it
would have taken 10 years to double the world’s
knowledge. That is just how powerful systems
and technology have become, with knowledge
forging ahead at an exponential pace. Because
digital technologies have advanced considerably
faster than the usage of such technologies by
organizations, Thales is consciously closing the
gap between those clients in order to ensure
they are not left behind when digital technology
is already present and irrigating their organiza-
tion in day to day life.
“The frontrunners are moving fast while most
of the others are being left behind. We’re talking
about organizations, citizens and infrastructure.
Our approach to research and development is
Thales engineers design, manufacture and deploy the most advanced rail signalling systems for urban tran
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