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Thales Canada Inc.
in urbanization and money being spent towards
necessary infrastructure improvements.
“Although we are active in all those areas
right now, further potential there is really quite
huge,” reflects Halinaty.
In terms of defence industry contracts, the
success of Thales in Canada can largely be attrib-
uted to the fact the business unit in this country
constantly capitalizes on the success of Thales as
a global defence company and a leader in sensor
technology. The ability to develop on the core
competencies of each domain in Canada has
allowed the Canadian arm to substantiate and
capitalize that much more on the technology
aspect. There is always encouragement from the
executive branch to have engineers file patents,
which can generate monumental commercial
value. Both Halinaty and Usal have lofty expecta-
tions for Thales Canada moving forward.
“I’d like to see us double in size
in terms of revenue by 2020.
We’ve had significant growth in
the last year to where we’re now
at about 1,800 people.”
– Mark Halinaty
Maritime integration lab for the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV), ©Thales
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