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Thales Canada Inc.
The reputation of Thales as a leader
in cutting-edge technological
innovation is well known to industry
professionals worldwide. The past 15
months have been a continuation of
tremendous growth in a number of
its core business sectors, including
cybersecurity and advancements in
transportation-related technologies.
with Thales early
in 2015,
The Canadian Business Journal
held a follow-up discussion with CEO Mark
Halinaty and Siegfried Usal, VP Strategy and
Communications, about the company’s contin-
ued activities in both Canada and abroad.
With origins in France, Thales employs more
than 62,000 people in 56 countries, 20,000 of
whom represent some of the top engineering
and research minds on the planet. The com-
pany’s state-of-the-art rail signalling solutions
have been implemented in more than 40 of the
world’s largest cities including the likes of New
York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore
and Dubai, and safely carrying 3 billion passen-
gers each year.
Ontario Rail-Signalling
A major current project of note is a substan-
tial partnership with the province of Ontario
where Thales is providing a new generation of
railway signalling for several large metropolitan
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