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Thales Canada Inc.
new types of technologies into the Thales system,
leading to an increased global footprint for servic-
ing transportation clients around the world.
Boundaries that traditionally fell under
train control are now opening up for Thales to
improve upon, which will enable the company
to improve the overall service provided to the
operator and experience provided to the travel-
ing customer.
“We can use data coming from our train con-
trol to enhance the passenger experience be it in
passenger information, planning and interfaces,
to automated ticketing,” Halinaty says. “We have
a contribution from the Ontario government but
we also made a huge internal investment to push
this forward. We’re looking at a five-year window
where we want to achieve the bulk of what I’ve
Given the enormity of the geographical
footprint of Canada there is a copious amount
of infrastructure investment spanning the entire
country. For now, Thales is focused on Ontario
and more specifically Toronto and the GTA
where there is currently substantial
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