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CBCI Telecom
going to continue to flourish beyond where it
stands now.
Methods of data packet transfer are now
also made much easier through IP transfer. In
the past, the only option was ISDN, which was
a good solution in its day, but far inferior to
today’s technology. Remote locations are able
to use satellite, if necessary.
“All our devices can do either IP or ISDN.
When you have satellite, for us it becomes an IP.
The fact that it’s a satellite doesn’t really make
any difference, it’s more about the latency,”
Dumouchel explains. “A satellite becomes more
of a challenge the same way if you’re calling,
for example, you have more of a delay because
of the distance. There’s just a slight delay in the
speed when using satellite.”
Network encryption and the method of
transfer via IP have both dramatically improved
as newer technologies have emerged and the
pricing has also been drastically reduced in
terms of bandwidth usage. At the same time the
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