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CBCI Telecom
hospitals. You could walk in to your pharmacy
and it would allow the pharmacist and the doc-
tor to directly interact about the patient’s needs.
It would be a much more efficient way of treat-
ing people.”
Expanding to
Residential Markets
The majority of the research and product develop-
ment undertaken by CBCI Telecom to this point
has been aimed predominantly towards the com-
mercial market, both private and public. The federal
government and the Quebec provincial govern-
ment are just two examples of major clients using
CBCI Telecom. However, Dumouchel envisions
expanding horizons. “I think the next step for us
would be to look more on the residential front
where it would allow people to use video from
their homes.”
The success of CBCI Telecom is readily
evident both through its impressive list of
corporate clients and also the dedication of
its highly-skilled employees. Dumouchel is
exceptionally proud of his team and the efforts
they put forth on a daily basis to ensure the
company remains at the very top of this high-
tech industry.
“We have the most talented resources and
we know that you have to treat your employees
the way you treat your customers,” he says. “I
believe in treating people the way I want to be
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