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JUNE 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
treated – with respect. That is at the very core
of our values.”
Since taking the helm as president and CEO
in September, 2011, Dumouchel has been instru-
mental in the continuous ongoing success of
CBCI Telecom, solidifying the company’s position
as Canada’s leader in visual communications.
“My job is to ensure each regional office is
used 100% efficiently,” he says. “The number
one concern is to always take care of the cus-
Strategic partners in the U.S. and around
the world utilize the resources and expertise
of CBCI, meaning the company doesn’t need
to literally maintain a global presence. As long
as those partners are using the brainpower of
CBCI, Dumouchel is more than satisfied. He is
also cognizant of not growing the business too
quickly and aggressively because it risks dilution
of the products and services. It’s also challeng-
ing and crucially important to find people with
the right skills so it is absolutely critical to follow
through on comprehensive due diligence when
adding new employees.
“I believe in treating people the
way I want to be treated – with
respect. That is at the very core
of our values.”
– Denis Dumouchel
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