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JUNE 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
website and it was time to update it,” he says.
“Our philosophy has changed from what it was
20 years ago and we wanted to reflect that
change on our new site. The old philosophy was
more along the lines of pushing intelligence;
now it’s a pull. The idea is to put information on
your website to make people come to you.”
Outside of CBCI Telecom there is currently
a herculean battle brewing between two major
worldwide manufacturers who are seeking ulti-
mate control: Microsoft and Cisco. Dumouchel
believes that within the next few years one will
likely emerge as the sole leader in unified com-
munications solutions. CBCI Telecom, with its
specialized technology, is well positioned to
move seamlessly forward, regardless of which
one of those two titans ultimately ends up on
top. The company’s position as a VAR – Value
Added Reseller – allows CBCI Telecom to look at
every solution offered by the manufacturers, and
the company is not tied to a single manufacturer.
“We can deliver our visual solutions any
place, independently from our clients’ locations
and networks, and virtually anywhere — whether
it’s at our clients’ location or in a home office.
We are well positioned to provide our customers
with the very best videoconferencing solutions,”
Dumouchel says.
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