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CBCI Telecom
Videoconferencing telecommunication
technologies have come a long
way since those first rudimentary
commercial experimentations in
Germany during the late 1930s. The
next major step in video telephony
was unveiled in the United States
during the early 1970s as part of AT&T’s
development of the Picturephone.
Today, it is Montreal-based CBCI
Telecom that is widely regarded as a
preeminent world leader in the most
comprehensive videoconferencing
solutions, enabling simultaneous visual
and audio collaboration between two
or more locations.
broadband Internet and
more powerful computer processors began to
emerge in the mid to late 1990s, the progres-
sion of videoconferencing solutions surged,
most notably in the business, education, medi-
cine and multimedia sectors.
The Canadian Business Journal
recently spoke
with CBCI Telecom President and CEO Denis
Dumouchel about the many innovative advance-
ments, which have transpired within the industry.
Of note, Dumouchel provided a first-hand dem-
onstration of just how impressive his company’s
system performs by speaking with us via video-
conferencing from his head office in Montreal,
while we were positioned in front of a large moni-
tor in the boardroom of another of the company’s
Denis Dumouchel, President and CEO
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