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JUNE 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
The New CBCI Telecom
Following the acquisition by TANDBERG, CBCI
Telecom bought back the telecom division in
1998 and became private once again, concen-
trating solely on videoconferencing. Eleven
years later TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco
and CBCI Telecom was recognized as the best
videoconferencing reseller for Cisco, an accom-
plishment they managed to achieve each and
every year while working alongside TANDBERG.
“We’re the only undefeated best reseller part-
ner of the year since 1999, and that’s just on the
video front,” Dumouchel proudly says.
CBCI Telecom has 66 employees working
out of four offices: head office in Montreal,
Quebec City, Ottawa and Richmond Hill, ON.
About 15 people are in the sales department and
seven in administration with another seven to 10
stationed on the help desk. The remaining 30
or so are part of the engineering team, handling
project management, design, documentation,
and consulting, some of whom specialize
“We service customers across
the country and throughout the
world. We have an excellent
relationship with a number of
other resellers that we’ve done
business with for 15 years.”
– Denis Dumouchel,
President and CEO, CBCI Telecom
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