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CBCI Telecom
in videoconferencing, while others work on
collaboration and audio-visual.
“We service customers across the country
and throughout the world. We have an excellent
relationship with a number of other resellers that
we’ve done business with for 15 years. If there
happens to be a very complex setup, we will
send our own guys. We always aim to provide
the very best products and services for our cus-
tomers,” Dumouchel says.
Clients and Technology
Throughout the years CBCI Telecom has
developed numerous niche markets and a
widespread portfolio of clients, with healthcare
being a predominant sector. As just one example,
a doctor in a remote area is immediately able
to evaluate a patient’s health by video and
audio. Other notable applications for the
videoconferencing units are within the justice
system, including courthouses and prisons.
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