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JUNE 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
management. SUE is an interpretive science and
therefore the firm’s experience plays a major
role in the overall quality of work completed.
“The only thing worse than no data, is bad data,”
says Arcand. “A properly planned and executed
SUE investigation provides many benefits to the
project owner including fewer project delays and
lower overall project costs.”
Having reliable utility information allows the
project designers to make informed decisions
resulting in fewer conflicts and delays through-
out the project. “SUE is the cornerstone of what
we do,” says Arcand. “Creating those reliable,
accurate maps of the underground infrastruc-
ture, has been a real growth area for us. Now
as people are becoming more conscious of the
need for good utility coordinators, we’re seeing
that side of our business grow as well.”T2ue’s
clientele boasts a roster of some of the most
recognized names in the industry. There is
no shortage when it comes to the company’s
future ventures. “Two of the key projects that
we’re excited about are our recent projects with
Metrolinx for the Hurontario and Hamilton LRT
projects,” says Arcand. “We are also anxiously
awaiting the release of the RFP for the Gordie
Howe International Bridge project, of which we
are bidding with the AECOM team.”
Being on the forefront of innovation, T2ue is
currently exploring new methods for the collec-
tion of utility data. They have currently invested
in some state of the art CCTV inspection tech-
nology for the collection of sewer data. They
are also using LIDAR technology, specifically as
it relates to underground infrastructure, allow-
ing them to tie the underground to the above
ground in 3 Dimensions. “More and more now,
we’re working to create 3D drawings of the
underground infrastructure,” says Arcand. “Using
a variety of techniques, we can create a com-
plete 3D model of underground utility networks.”
In the midst of a dynamically changing and
evolving world where technological innova-
tion will continue its rapid pace; the world will
be intensely interconnected and the engineer-
ing industry will need to be multidisciplinary
and resilient. T2ue embraces this reality and is
always one step ahead with their technologi-
cal innovation. The team at T2ue is able to meet
and exceed the demand when it comes to utility
mapping, utility coordination and utility design to
a wide range of clients, and supply the resources
needed to complete both large and small proj-
ects on a national and international stage.
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