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JUNE 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
Lawrence Arcand, a licensed Professional
Engineer who brings almost 20years of experi-
ence. “In the beginning it was just me. Jamie
Bradburn was hired a couple months after me
for his expertise in geophysics and field investi-
gations. Many of the first hires (Matt, Stu, Ryan,
Scott) are still with the company today, now
holding key roles that are essential to the com-
pany’s overall success.”
“The Canadian marketplace had issues with
regards to the way that utilities were managed
on projects,” says Arcand. “Our concept was
to bring some new ideas to the Canadian mar-
ketplace and reduce the risks that our clients
were experiencing. Since those early days, we
have now grown to a strong team of over 60
employees.” Arcand contributes much of their
success to setting up a strong social commit-
tee, encouraging T2ue sports teams and hosting
company retreats. “We create that personal small
business atmosphere where we can grow as
individuals and also together as a company.”
Arcand is responsible for the overall opera-
tions of the company across Canada and
Internationally. He attributes one of the keys
to the company’s success being the involve-
ment and leadership on key industry groups. In
addition to his roles within T2ue, he is a board
member of the Ontario Regional Common
Ground Alliance (ORCGA) and he sat on
the Technical Committee of the CSA S250-
Mapping of Underground Utility Infrastructure.
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