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T2 Utility Engineers Inc.
T2 Utility Engineers has the personnel and
experience to handle any project from small
designating jobs to large scale SUE (Subsurface
Utility Engineering) mapping projects. “T2ue is
a relatively small company but we do work on
some rather large and notable projects,” says
Arcand. For the past few years, T2UE has worked
on 20-25 of the projects listed on ReNew
Magazine’s Top 100 projects. “We’ve worked
onthe 407 ETR expansion, the Union Station TTC
redevelopment, Vancouver Airport Expansion,
North East Anthony Henday Ring Road, as well
as light rail transit projects across the country
including the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, the Finch
West LRT, the North Line in Edmonton,Ottawa
LRT, the Seventh Avenue Line in Calgary and the
Waterloo LRT project.”
One high profile project that T2ue worked
on was theEast Rail Maintenance Facility (ERMF).
T2ue was excited to have the opportunity work
on this project which is located right in their
home town of Whitby. The ERMF is an $850 mil-
lion dollar, 500,000 square-foot facility designed
to provide storage for GO Trains, as well as bays
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