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MARCH 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
Global Markets and
The local market in Canada is still the company’s
largest. However, the market in the United States
and Latin America has been growing steadily
over the years, and today Weening Brothers
conducts 50% of its business in those countries.
“There was a lot of potential in the growing mar-
kets of Mexico and South America and that has
taken several years to get off the ground, but that
is definitely a key component today that forms
about 20 to 25% of our overall sales.”
While the company is focusing on growth,
which includes streamlining its core product line,
Weening emphasizes that increasing revenue and
profits is not the only goal. “A key goal is to grow
the company in an effort to increase opportu-
nities for our employees to further their career
without having to go somewhere else,” he says.
He adds, “We’re developing a more standard-
ized product line to help grow the business, but
custom solutions will definitely continue to be
part of what we do.”
Great Team is the Key to
Since 1986, the company has been success-
fully designing and manufacturing high quality
equipment. “That success is in large part due
to a lot of blood, sweat and tears, especially by
the founding brothers, Fred and Ron in the early
years.” Today, with a current revenue of about $5
million, he says the company’s hardworking team
is the key to its continued success. “Just having a
great team of staff – great engineers with good
ideas and great work ethic – is what contributes
to our success more than anything,” he says.
“We have a shop full of guys who are skilled and
dedicated to what they do and it’s hard work and
dedication that got us here.”
After 30 years of business, Weening says
the most valuable lesson he has learned is the
value of hiring the right people. “One of the big-
gest challenges has been and continues to be
developing systems,” he explains. “Systems are
necessary for controlled company growth, but
are difficult to implement in a company with
such a diverse product and service offering. To
keep these two aspects in the proper perspective
I quote one of my favourite podcast hosts, pastor
Andy Stanley: ‘the people you chose, are more
important than the systems you use’.”
Weening quotes leadership expert John
Maxwell who says: ‘Hire for attitude and train
for skills.’ “The longer we’re in business the
more we see the importance of that state-
ment,” he adds.
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