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MARCH 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
ginseng harvesting equipment is a big part of
our business,” Weening says.
Exciting Projects in
Ginseng and Carrot
Harvesting and Artificial
Since 1996, Ginseng diggers have been a key
component of the Weening Brothers’ business.
Its Ginseng harvester – the ‘Ginsenger DLX’ – is
one of the company’s prized products. Since
its engineers began designing and refining the
machine seven years ago, demand has increased
each season. The new Ginsenger DLX is a far
more complex version of the original Ginseng
digger and includes a very effective dirt and
stone removal system, state of the art rear dis-
charge conveyor, as well as a steerable axle and
levelling system.
“We have sold about 14 all together. The first
couple sales were staggered over a few years, one
and two at time,” Weening says. “Then last year we
sold eight and we have current orders for six and
we expect that will probably go up to eight or nine
for this coming harvest season in the fall. It’s one
of the key agricultural products for us.”
Providing excellent customer service is a
core factor of the company’s success. As a result,
its experienced team of engineers are eager to
help customers meet their particular farming
needs. Right now, for example, the company is
developing a specialized carrot harvester, specifi-
cally for the Latin American market.
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