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Paysafe Group PLC
anti-money-laundering objectives that they must
be in compliance with from a legal standpoint.
Paysafe will safely store credit card and
banking information on behalf of many
merchants. They also indemnify funds and have
payout cards and prepaid cards attached to
wallet balances. In Canada, Paysafe just recently
put forth a soft launch in Quebec of a new
product called GOLO, which is oriented towards
merchants who desire to offer their consumers
the ability to order through a mobile wallet, pay
for the goods and services on their mobile device
and then coordinate a pickup time or have the
product delivered to their personal address.
GOLO is also being unveiled in Ontario. The
concept has already been working exceptionally
well in the fast-food industry where people can
order food and have it delivered to their homes.
The potential for future growth appears limitless.
“I would consider pharmaceutical, grocery,
flowers, books, magazines and possibly alcohol,
where the convenience to the consumer is obvi-
ous,” Leonoff says. “We’re trying to build relevance
for both the consumer and the merchant.”
To emphasize the usefulness of Paysafe’s
services, an analogy that Leonoff points to is
McDonald’s, one of the biggest marketing com-
panies in the world. Regardless of whether he
eats there three times a day, 365 days a year,
they still wouldn’t have any insight about him
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