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for the planned station reinforces the strategic
location of the site and will thereby facilitate the
access to the site via transportation means other
than the car. This is beneficial for Technoparc
and also the City of Montreal for potential inves-
tors that want to move into the area.
“We are doing a great project at our Eco-
campus Hubert Reeves site by bringing research
companies that specialize in clean tech and
recyclable resources,” says Baillargeon. The
eco-campus Hubert Reeves will be integrated
between two sections of marshes that are inhab-
itated by specific bird species and borders the
International airport. “We want to maintain that
environment; we have levies and walkways in the
area,” says Baillargeon. “We will create a conser-
vation area not just for the city but for the whole
province as well.”
The buildings that are being built are geared
towards being recognized as LEED (Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design), target-
ing investors and companies to come in who
specialize in clean tech or nano tech or environ-
mental technologies. “We’re probably ten years
ahead of what’s being done in industrial parks in
North America,” says Baillargeon. “Many compa-
nies in Europe implement that eco-sustainable
development with bringing nature into the indus-
trial parks, which is a very beneficial approach for
both the environment and employees.”
Every spring, Technoparc hosts the Fundica
Roadshow, an event for start-up companies
looking to start their business adventure. While
the event is not open to the general public, it is
after a thorough selection process, the select
companies present their business plan to a jury.
The winner can then go to Silicon Valley and
make a pitch to potential investors to raise their
profile on an international scope.
The executive team at Technoparc places
a great focus on communication and sharing
information through their social media platforms.
“While we’re a small team, we all wear many dif-
ferent hats that reflect how proud we are of the
Technoparc organization,” says Baillargeon. “We
came up with the hashtag #iamtechno or #jesu-
istechno to promote our community to the high
tech world.”
Technoparc Montréal is fully behind the
City’s commitment to increase strategic part-
nerships and alliances with a view to building
bridges between businesses and to increasing
innovation and creativity in Montreal. Their vision
and constant innovation has solidified their posi-
tion in being recognized as a world-class centre
of excellence in technological, IT and scientific
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